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    Magnetic Maple Leaf

    This hand painted maple leaf has a strong magnet embedded in its back.   A great addition to any fridge!  Sold individually.  About 4" tall.

    Large Maple Leaf

    This iconic red maple leaf is hand painted Canadian wood.  Standing about 6" tall, and close to 1" thick it will make a statement on any bookshelf, mantle, or cottage...


    This homage to a Canadian icon will be a great addition to home or cottage.  The large canoe measures almost 26" long and can stand on its own or hang...


    This Canadian icon is made of Canadian walnut.  If you prefer something lighter for your decor, we also offer this moose painted white.

    Wolf Silhouette

    Howl this look on your shelf? This wolf is silent, but you can still hear him.  A beautiful image for any shelf.  He stand about 9" tall, and is made of...

    Rooster Silhouette

    He won't wake you up in the morning, but he will look good on your shelf, or he can work in the kitchen as a trivot.

    Polar Bear

    A Canadian Icon, this polar bear silhouette stands about 5" high.  Available in maple and walnut

    Maple Leaf

    A Canadian Icon.  Everyone should have a little Canada on their shelf.  About 3" tall.   Available in natural woods, or hand-painted red.

    Framed Art

    These attractive all wood framed art pieces reflect a minimalist primitive feel that catches your attention right away. Completely hand made in our shop they are hand cut and hand...

    Horse Silhouette

    This prancing beauty is about 9" high.  Any horse lover will appreciate it either on the shelf, or in the kitchen as a trivot.

    Cowboy Hat

    This small cowboy hat is about 8" wide by 4" tall.  Available in walnut or maple.

    Cow Silhouette

    This cow is great to sit on a shelf, or it can be used as a trivot or cheese board.  About 6" x 9".

    Canoe Silhouette

    This decorative canoe is available in walnut or maple.

    Cowboy Boot

    This cowboy boot is about 6" by 2-1/2".  Available in walnut or maple.

    Beaver Silhouette

    This brown beaver is an iconic Canadian image. About 4" high by 9" long.
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