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    Knife Block

    Some knives are just knives, but your knives make meals for your family and guests.  Display them proudly in this beautiful walnut and maple knife block.  Not only does it...

    Walnut Pizza Paddle (pizza peel)

    Walnut is such a beautiful wood, it even looks good under your pizza.  With it’s thin beveled front edge our pizza paddles are great for taking anything out of the...

    Plate Set

    Plates nice enough to display on the counter or buffet are hard to find. Not these ones, though. These are solid walnut, standing elegantly at attention in their maple or...

    Lazy Susan

    Unlike some other Susans, our Susans are lazy. With great care, we look for just the right boards to create a functional work of art that you can display on...

    Catch of the Day

    Now you have found a unique addition to your cottage, or your front porch. These cute fish with their floppy tails will look great where ever you hang them. They...


    You have finally found that unique and funny gift.  With themes such as cottage life, drinks, outdoors, Christmas, and many others, these are great for any décor. They will be...


    These little piggies will make you smile whenever you look at them. Add a little whimsy to any décor. Made of cedar and other local woods, with hand-painted details.  They will...


    Made from good cedar or baaaad cedar, it’s still local cedar for the body, with black hand-painted face.


    Cute and simple, these animals and birds will make you smile whenever you look at them. Add a little whimsy to any décor. Whooo knows why he is so cute?...

    Large Maple Leaf

    This iconic red maple leaf is hand painted Canadian wood.  Standing about 6" tall, and close to 1" thick it will make a statement on any bookshelf, mantle, or cottage...

    Coastal Casual Table

    If you are going for a 'coastal casual' look, this will look great on your table, buffet, or even add a hanger to put it on your wall. Just a...

    Tea Tray

    You deserve a little quiet time. How about a votive candle set into a beautiful board to serve your tea or coffee while you relax. Examples shown are in walnut and cherry. These...

    Shots Flights

    Great for tasters, or for shooters amongst friends. Bump up your tasting by serving each guest their samples. A stylish addition to any bar. Treated with 100% pure hemp oil, the...

    Love Lives Here

    Edge grain is easy on your knives, and these boards are easy on your eyes. In solid maple strips, this is a classic style of cutting board. We made it special with...

    Board Butler

    Easily transfer your chopped food from your cutting board to the stove, or park it until ready to cook with this beautiful scoop.The notch on the back makes it easy...
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